Gentrified Ungerground Youth

Title Gentrified Ungerground Youth
Label | LESPOINTS009

Zurich quartet Les Points are comprised of Audino, Barbir, LOUH and Nicola Kazimir and are part of a new breed of minimal house musicians and DJs that are hybridising the reductionist groove of early Perlon with Detroit electro-funk sounds of Drexciya or Ectomorph to stunning effect, alongside other purveyors like Italy’s Spacetravel or Saverio Celestri. For the label’s ninth release, the reins are handed over to Barbir and Kazimir (who often work as a duo) and the results are always nothing short of remarkable. Gentrified Underground Youth LP features a dozen wacky cuts traversing a universe of all things analogue, vintage, lo-fi and classic: but timeless all the same;

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A1. AmbientsecondlifeA2. Yellowbrockihilfigerjacketpianostyles Feat. LOUHA3. PostzhicagoB1. 4G In Space Third Eye OpenerB2. 1000eonsB3. AngrymarxistinhellC1. Keeeeeegeldspooky2C2. X:x=x, =(), La LuneC3. NVDLFT 176D1. Drones For Virtual DJ SetsD2. 2 Girls & One IDM Bleep Vol 3D3. HappyorganicglutantsD4. Hanifastbruelletakaialmostcried


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