Artist : , Label : | KNT-19 Styles : , Format : 12" Limited Edition, Blue Transparent

An immense sonic wave rises from the stormy and murky sea and brings a long forgotten rhythm back to life. It is only apparent for a very short time before it again slowly dissapears and levels with the surface. While still visible two unknown sonic vessels are spotted, each containing recognizable patterns from the original wave. You instantly shiver as the mighty and always well equalized Shed sets his course for the land of berlin-dub-deepness and you realize that the second vessle is bound for southern lattitudes and will travel many nautical miles until it reaches the electrified island of sound synthesis. Limited coloured vinyl.


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A1. Skagerak

Kvadrant, Ohm


A2. Skagerak (Sound Synthesis Remix)

Kvadrant, Ohm


B. Skagerak (Shed's Well Equalized Mix)

Kvadrant, Ohm

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