A Selection Of Works Part 1


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As a young person growing up in West Yorkshire, my experiences of true underground clubbing became intertwined with names such as Back to Basics, 20/20 Vision and Carl Finlow. That period in the early 2000’s became a life-affirming time for my young self.

Frequent trips to Back to Basics, then held at the Mint Club helped forge my outlook on electronic music and how it should be played in a club environment. I would often hear stories about “”the Farm”” and the late night parties and studio sessions. The anecdotes and tales of US icons recording in the countryside with the local guys provided only a small insight into the creativity and fun that must have gone on during those years. Cut to now in 2017, whilst looking back to those times more than fifteen years ago, I can proudly say that the dots have been joined and the connections now formally established.

I’m immensely proud to say that Carl Finlow, the understated king of British electro, and I, have put together a selection of his works that provides a themed snapshot into his musical history. The music I have chosen with Carl may not be all of his biggest tracks but it is the music that is special to me. The selection has a vibe, one that is deep and emotive, music for the head as well as the feet – Hope you hear it in the same way (…)

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Tracks List


A1. Carl Finlow - Count On It

Carl Finlow


A2. Silicon Scally - Dark Matter

Carl Finlow


B1. Silicon Scally - Moonax

Carl Finlow


B2. Voice Stealer - Unintensional

Carl Finlow


C1. Silicon Scally - Deep Dissolve

Carl Finlow


C2. Silicon Scally - Auton

Carl Finlow


D1. Silicon Scally - Pace

Carl Finlow


D2. Carl Finlow - Wafer Thin

Carl Finlow

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