Silent Uproar


Label: | KMN005 Style: , Format: 12"

Kommuna is back with the “Silent Uproar” EP featuring James Andrew with a special feel-good track that sets a positive dancefloor vibe through dreamy breaky rhythms. Driahn’s “Recreate” provides elegant breaks for what can be the perfect track for the obscure late hours.
The B-Side of the record is an energy blast with Driahn’s “Phazed & Confused” infectious groove bringing damage to the dancefloor and Pekkuliar’s ghetto-tech inspired track closing this versatile EP in an unexpected way.

Track by track, we build a Kommuna of well-established artists but also unknown studio dwellers who share a fixation for music discovery without following any trends or limitations.

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Tracks List


A1. James Andrew - Onwards And Sideways

Various Artists


A2. Driahn - Recreate

Various Artists


B1. Drianh - Fazed And Confused

Various Artists


B2. Pekkuliar - Will Not Be Televised

Various Artists

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