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Tech House royalty Mark Ambrose continues his benevelont reign with three slices of varied funk on the fourth is / was installment. The first mix of Makossa emphasizes the “tech” portion of “tech house”, favoring driving rhythms and a big kick for peaktime vibrations. Mix 2 and Wagamama lean towards the tripping, spiralling kookiness that Mark is known best for. Laslty, we’ve commissioned some fresh-faced talent on remix duties. Teakup contributes a whirlwind remix of Makossa featuring broken, stuttering beats and advanced sample wizardry for a truly genre-eschewing workout.


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A1. Makossa (Mix 1)

Mark Ambrose


A2. Makossa (Mix 2)

Mark Ambrose


B1. Makossa (Teakup Remix)

Mark Ambrose


B2. Wagamama

Mark Ambrose

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