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Artist(s): Label: | IRENIC001 Style: Format: 12"


Irenic. Aimed at peace and brought to life as a steady output for spiritual groove based music. First installment by Novio Dub Tribe offers 3 tracks that may differ in style but created with the same mindstate. ‘Kakiuchi’ is all about serenity and echoed drums, ‘Solfa’ brings some aquatic tech to the mix while ‘Meguro’ is a classic example of an oldschool dub workout.

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Stream full tracks (128kbps) playlist of the whole release from our youtube channel,

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Tracks List


A. Novio Dub Tribe – Kakiuchi Dub

Novio Dub Tribe


B1. Novio Dub Tribe – Solfa

Novio Dub Tribe


B2. Novio Dub Tribe – Meguro

Novio Dub Tribe

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