Title Moruroa
Label | IDO04

The fourth release on Valentino Mora’s label, IDO, comes from a fresh, young French producer, Olorun. Olorun began making dark, atmospheric techno as Abrial, releasing 3 EPs under this guise, before directing his focus to explore the textured, minimal, and ambient musical aspects that have always fascinated him. As his approach became more contemplative, he began exploring different moods and a “sweetness and a kind of purity in music.” Through stepping back to examine the subtlety of texture, Olorun’s attention to natural landscapes increased. This encouraged him to name his new, more sensitive project ‘Olorun’; a personification of the natural elements in Santeria’s religion.

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A1. YukiA2. KodoB1. MoruroaB2. Tuamotu


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