Part 3: Plateau

Artist : Label : | HYPNUS020C Styles : Format : 12"


The clergy is pleased to introduce you to a new initiate: Birds ov Paradise. This highly anticipated Hypnus debut comes split into three separate EP’s which will be released one each full moon starting October.

Some of you may be acquainted with the music of Birds ov Paradise already as he’s put out two stellar records on Jens and Aniara Recordings in 2016-2017, as well as making a contribution to our podcast series The Memoir where his sound was put on a grand display. Those of you who are new to the fantastic dream world of this very talented artist will quickly get lost in the flowing rhythms that drives his magical deep techno sound.


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A1. Jet

Birds Ov Paradise


A2. Blossoms

Birds Ov Paradise


B1. Nightmare

Birds Ov Paradise


B2. Wall Of Bones

Birds Ov Paradise

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