Remixes In Blue

Artist(s): Label: | HTH131 Style: , , Format: 12" colored vinyl

Anz, Surgeon, Shanti Celeste, AYA, Kush Jones, and Facta & K-Lone remix Hodge’s ’Shadows In Blue’ album in rolling and swanging UK rave styles

Surgeon follows the mode of his superb ‘Europa Code’ 12” with plush harmonic developments in his supple but bristling take on th title track, and Anz supplies another highlight with her Shed-like brickbat twyst on ‘Lanes.’ AYA also impresses with a stringently minimalist but playful tweak of ‘Ghist Of Akina’ recalling Autonomic D&B explorations, and the only non-UK artist on board, Kush Jones flips ‘The World Is New Again’ into a needlepoint footwork joint with breathless ambient pads. Shanti Celeste plays it straightest with a percolated take on ‘Lanacut’, and K-Lone & Facta screw ‘Sense Inversion’ with proper UK swing beats.


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