Artist(s): Label: | HINF8682 Style: , Format: 12"


Bringing members of his home city’s jazz and soul scene, Mansur Brown and Keyah Blu, to a series of warped house, trip hop and experimental cuts alongside NYC’s Infinite, Joy O pointedly makes a transition into more textured, freeform and psychedelic/soulful frameworks after a decade of knocking out definitive UK club standards.

Rounding up six diverse productions, ‘Slipping’ is as close as you’ll get to an album from Joy O, for now at least. From the charmingly scrappy but soulful intro to ‘Burn’, which soon turns into an irresistibly deep and technoid garage workout, to the Flying Lotus-like dexterity of ‘While She’s Away’, the session naturally scales between tempos and vibes is a very satisfying way, dipping to Tricky-meets-Tirzah-esque R&B/trip-hop on ‘Under’ ft. Keyah Blu, and taking in fuzzy, summery ambient nostalgia ‘w Dad’, plus a wickedly abstract sort of hardcore dembow stance on ‘Breathe In’, and a sweetly sun-blushed slice of ambient rare grooving in ‘Walworth Waltz’ ft. Mansur Brown.

Much more than a pure dancefloor set, this one’s for the journey.


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