Artist(s): , , Label: | HCDV006 Style: Format: 12"


Nazt’s Handcrafted label has been responsible for some well-received records over the past few years, with Alexkid, Carlos Sanchez, Javier Carballo, Priku and Melodie among the globally-renowned names who’ve graced the imprint. Based in Gran Canaria, the label’s raison d’être tends to lean toward accomplished sounding house and techno hues, so it’s no surprise that Cesare vs Disorder is another who’s already featured for the label. The label’s latest sees the Italy-born, Brazil-based producer conjure up a stunning release courtesy of Utopia. Delicate and imbued with more than a smidgen of magic, it serves up a fascinating insight into the mind of a musician whose work continues to be defined by its eclectic tropes.


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