Stars Are Only Lights In The Sky

Artist : Label : | HB020 Styles : , , Format : 12"

Margaret Dygas may be based in Berlin but her unique sound can’t be tied down to any one city or scene, as she proves on her latest 12″ across three tracks for the consistently exciting Half Baked label. Not that there’s anything half done here, of course, with A-side tune ‘Butterfly Effect’ a prime slice of groovy. resonant techno that’s understated and restrained enough to gain comparisons to Jaydee’s ‘Plastic Dreams’ classic. ‘CC Is 33’ is warmer, with nicely slidy, jazzy organ chords and itchy technofunk rhythms, with the most minimal of the three tracks, the static-infused, atmospheric ‘Subliminal 20A7’, coming last but by no means least. A great showcase for a great, original talent.


June, 2022


A. Butterfly Effect

Margaret Dygas


B1. CC Is 33

Margaret Dygas


B2. Subliminal 20A7

Margaret Dygas

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