(Not) The First Encounter EP (Arno mix)

Title (Not) The First Encounter EP (Arno mix)
Label | HB016

Half Baked have had a strong year with releases from Sakro, Shonky, John Dimas, and SIT, but now they present something a little more mysterious from db jam.
While the name may be unfamiliar, you get the impression this is an inside job from the Half Baked family, and the sound certainly fits right in on the label. The A side track, “I Met A Leprechaun In A Russian Forest” locks down one of those impossibly smooth house grooves Half Baked’s identity is built on, and then drapes that groove in the finest silken pad sounds.

What makes the track stand out is the playful cuts and samples pinging around in the mix, adding to the jam notion of the record. “He Told Me Bullshit” occupies the same sound world but heads in a slightly darker direction, which Arno then refigures into a shivering broken techno refrain suited to more spaced out moments in the cut and thrust of the party.

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A. I Met A Leprechaun In A Russian ForestB1. He Told Me BullshitB2. He Told Me Bullshit (Arno & He Was Right Remix)


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