5p@c3 T@lk

Title 5p@c3 T@lk
Label | HB014

John Dimas is surely one of the freshest operators in the minimal house scene – his One Against Time album on Elephant Moon last year being a crowning glory in his storied career to date. Now he’s back on the EP tip with this high grade hit of floor-focused funk, making his first appearance on scene-leading label Half Baked. “5putn1k” keeps the beats tough and bouncy, peppered with plenty of playful zips and wiggles for the peak time party people. “@L5d” takes a deeper, spaced-out approach, while “5p@c3 T@lk” nudges back towards a full-fat tech-house sound. “@rkyn” seals the deal with a crafty 2-step configuration for the subliminal set to get hypnagogic to.

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A1. 5putn1kA2. @L5dB1. 5p@c3 T@lkB2. @rkyn


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