Sacred Fire

Title Sacred Fire
Label , | HAUNT16

The Kurl project started in the summer of 2014 where the primary concept was to sonically encompass the various influences of a twenty-year musical journey. The essence of Kurls sound is mainly deep dub with hints of house groove that create a very unique sound environment connecting the listener to his lifestyle and movement. At the root of “Sacred Fire” is a very special love story. Kurl started an emotional partnership, a genuine brotherhood with MJ White, one of the pioneers of the soulful house music sound of the New York ’90s. Marshall James White appeared on many hits in the NYC club scene including Scandalous Still Irresistible just to name one. He tragically passed away in November 2015. MJ White gives soul to Sacred Fire by writing the lyrics and interpreting it with so much passion that Kurl was able to transform this track into an eternal love song. For Kurl, MJ White will remain the angel with a heavenly voice, and above all, a memory that will mark his internal and musical journey for the rest of his days In the words of MJ white music has a huge heart that beats inside all of us.

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A1. Sacred Fire feat. MJ WhiteA2. Dark FlowerA3. Once Upon A TimeB1. Free Falling In LoveB2. Black Room In SpaceB3. outro


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