Across The Hōnan St.

Artist(s): Label: | H24EL001 Style: , Format: 12"

Our first special and limited edition from Riku Sugimoto: Across the Honan st EP. One of a kind.

Augmenting (A1) introduces itself as a bold statement that you’re trapped in and about to discover a metaverse of bass and a surreal world inspired by videogames. Lvl 2, Looming Shade (A2), is the theme track about chasing a victim by reverberations of pipes, as a spider senses prey tangled in its trembling web of sounds. Mindblast (B1) casts the spell of echoes, hum and acid vibrations. Last but not the least, Winter Illuminations (B2) announce the end of this weird trip across the Honan street with flickerind lights of your synapses spawning from time to time.


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