Artist(s): Label: | GRANT004 Style: Format: 12"


Marseille-based producer Grant returns to his self-released white label series with an ever more expansive EP of deep, rolling house. With a firm grasp for 80’s Chicago and Detroit House tased with 90’s deep house tropes, GRANT004 finds him on deepest ever form, with swirling luscious pads, snippet vocals and thudding percussion sinking us further down into the depths. Spiritual Paths takes us soaring down cloud-filtered lanes of scuffed 909’s, shrouded pad-work and classic acid lines. Mediate holds a more firm groove and tinkering lines of melodic percussion, shifting and swaying from the edges of a pink-lit, smoke-filled 5am club haze. Riffing off of all things Chicago, The Other Man is a testament and homage to the personal and intimate power of classic deep house. As a subtle finish to proceedings is Capital Road. An early morning workout with white morning sunlight filtering through the shades.



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