Title Audiosapr
Label | GOST008

A1 A1 10-Ev
A2 A2 Psychoticacidonset
A3 A3 23-06-Ekktro
A4 A4 05-09-Braxx

B1 B1 Morphogenetic Garbage
B2 B2 Preen1Bank2
B3 B3 Stencs-05-04
B4 B4 Garbagetruck03-04

C1 C1 28-04-Ekktro
C2 C2 Ekktro23-10
C3 C3 01-10-Boring
C3 C3 Uncomfortablechill

D1 D1 23-05Chill
D2 D2 Paska5
D3 D3 13-05-You-Have-To-Sleep-Too
D4 D4 Preenpoly

ARTIST(S): Kuzma Palkin
TITLE: Audiosapr
LABEL: GOST008| Gost Zvuk
STYLES: Experimental | Electronica | IDM
Format: 2 x 12″ Vinyl

Audiosapr is one of the most consistent albums you re likely to come across in Russia s GOST ZVUK entire back catalogue. Surprisingly, the full-length by Saint Petersburg s scene veteran Kuzma Palkin is a compilation of random jams and studio recordings he made in the period of 2014-2015, carefully pieced together by label s masterminds.

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