Funky Revolutions


Artist(s): Label: | GM-02 Style: Format: 12"

The Deacon had been in exile from the following crimes committed faith and sonic soul saving using the Holy Ghost as the weapon of choice.

Last known whereabouts Mt Fuji Japan. but since then a virus has infected the world it also has affected the soul in music and prevented people from gathering, dancing and living normal everyday lives.

So the deacon returns from exile to fight and do battle with the faithless, un soulful sounds created by the fear of the global pandemic by using faith,hope and the “Holy Ghost” to restore the faith and soul in the hearts and minds of people through music and bring order back to the global dance community…

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Tracks List


A1. Midnight Inspiration

The Deacon


A2. Essence Of Bass

The Deacon


B1. Funky Revolutions

The Deacon


B2. In Traffic

The Deacon

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Dimensions30 × 30 × 0,2 cm

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