Title Moonlight
Label | GLG27

Given the length of his career and the hushed tones he’s spoken of within the underground techno community, it’s perhaps surprising that Lawrence has never released music on Giegling before. Here he joins the much-admired label following a couple of years spent putting out music on Mule. He expertly sets the tone via the soft-touch cymbals, hypnotic kick-drums and bleeping melodies of “Moonlight”, before upping the intensity a little on the sparse, bass-heavy minimal techno throb of “Bonfire”. Lawrence once again reaches for the echo-laden computer bleeps on the undeniably trippy, early morning hypnotism of “Intereference”, while “Bonfire (Reprise)” is a spaced-out DJ tool built around extended ambient passages, restless sub-bass and loose-limbed broken techno drums.

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A1. MoonlightA2. BonfireB1. InterferenceB2. Bonfire (reprise)


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