Title 001
Label | GLD001

Global Dialog welcome as their inaugural release the first installment from mysterious French project « A.T. », a four-tracker that pays homage to the classic Basic Channel dub techno sound while enlarging the spectrum of the genre to its harder edges and a softer, house-leaning approach. As such, the record embraces different vibes and atmospheres: with their stellar melodies and dreamy chords, “Recess” and “We Never Fight (On A Birthday Night)” share a common feeling of intensity and nostalgia, displaying a contemporary, Bicep-like take on 90’s UK dance music, while “Subterranean Echoes” and “Cosmos Redshift 7” embrace darker colors, where clicks and cuts meet detuned pads and shifting drum patterns drenched in a distant white noise, a perfect match for after hour sets in dimly lit warehouses.

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A1. RecessA2. Subterranean EchoesB1. We Never Fight (On A Birthday Night)B2. Cosmos Redshift 7


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