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Title Genocide
Label | GiH011
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As we approach the very last installment of the story, the greatest, final and cruelest battle between humankind and the clones is fought, just after the resistance is discovered hiding out in their underground lair. The humans were overwhelmed in numbers and outclassed in technology so the struggle was soon stifled and every rebel was brutally slaughtered until no one, but the captain, remained standing. Literally the last man on Earth burst into tears as he realized his species had been extinguished for good and he couldn t do anything to eschew it, while he was contemplating the obliterated battleground. That is even more painful than his own imminent death. He doubts for a split second, he pulls his gun from the belt and he says to himself while pushing the trigger.

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A1. Unknown Artist – GenocideA2. Grit – KaroshiB1. Grit – TearsB2. Stojche – Rampage


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