Guy From Downstairs Presents Savage Bucharest

Artist : Label : | GFD004 Styles : , Format : 2 x 12"


Surprise collaboration EP between Guy From Downstairs and Faster, Dubsons, Floog, Morgan, Coriesu, Slip Y Time. By no means a tribute to the city of Bucur itself, the Savage EP is merely the fruit that emerged from a number of impromptu jamming sessions between Guy From Downstairs and artists that either live or happened to spend some time in a corner of the world called Bucharest.


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A1. Gfd & Floog – Intro To The Jungle

Various Artists


A2. Gfd & Dubsons – Together With A Bag Of Sensi

Various Artists


B. Gfd & Morgan – Scallywag

Various Artists


C. Gfd & Coriesu – No Pressure

Various Artists


D1. Gfd & Faster – Zularic Tree

Various Artists


D2. Gfd & Slip Y Time – Tulgrav Tool

Various Artists

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