Future Times

Artist : Label : | FT060 Styles : , , Format : 12"

Next up on FT, young sound-king Nick León with an incredible 5 track EP. Miami-based León forms his massive world of sound production and design into Future Times shapes. The EP follows up releases on labels like NAAFI and Tra Tra Trax (and more) with a planet of sounds and modes, crossing back and forth into techno and his polyrhythmatic styles. The A-Side plays like a scene, all three tracks connected and growing, meshing classic synth pop hooks and serious percussion dexterity in “Blue Data” and “Scavenger Hunt”, along with a stripped down pearl to start things off with in “Igneous Drums”. B-Side sees the anthemic, levitating techno of “Gum Tree” and a collaboration with Miami’s Greg Beto (NI UN PERO, LIES) in the tunnel-driving, splacked electro cut “Sewer System” – TIP!


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A1. Igneous Drums

Nick León


A2. Blue Data

Nick León


A3. Scavenger Hunt

Nick León


B1. Gum Tree

Nick León


B2. Sewer System

Nick León

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