Title Spacepod
Label | FT040

“All Aboard!” Future Times is extremely juiced to announce the release of “Spacepod”, a low-key, late night funkadelic house anthem from Magic Mountain High. Presented in the classic 12″ tradition, with an original mix as well as Acapella, Club Dub, and (courtesy of Move D) Remix versions, this demented ode to mindflight exhales a bit of humor over the room, but also penetrates the dome with its lush, single-lightbulb groove and insane effected vocal manifesto. This is definitely one for the end of the night squad. “Join us in our spaaaaaaaaaaaceship!”

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A1. All AboardA2. SpacepodB1. Spacepod (Pudlover's Mix)B2. Spacepod (Club Dubz)


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