Open Space Volume 1

Artist : Label : | FIGURELP06 Styles : , , , Format : 3 x 12"

In a year of global shift and continuous changes, Figure takes a leap of faith and extends its catalog by introducing a completely new compilation series to the label. The Open Space series will feature forward-thinking Electronica and Ambient from a well-curated list of seasoned producers. Compositions that invite to let the mind wander, weaving stories, and conjuring up emotions.
While these softer genres have already played a respected role in former Figure releases, for the first time in the label’s history they are now being given the center stage. Volume 1 sets the mark by providing producers whom we’ve come to love for their dancefloor-centric output with an open space to showcase another side of their skillset. Open Space remains open to various strains of Electronica and Ambient, ranging from the introspective synth-monologues (Sebastian Muellaert / Kirilik), drony dub-experimentalism (Moritz Von Oswald), alive and breathing takes on the genre (JakoJako), to singular compositions which slowly build their own lasting narrative and thus develop a genuine, emotive quality (John Beltran / Tin Man ). Len Faki himself proves the artistic breadth of Open Space, sharing a powerful and conscious message through a rare and delicate moment of him exploring the form of spoken words. Other contributions include Jesper Dahlbäck as The Persuader, Luke Slater as 7th Plain, or Ralf Hildenbeutel – a former production partner of Sven Väth and now a successful composer of film soundtracks. Unfairly reduced to background music, it is not the kind of Ambient featured on the Open Space series. It is an engaging body of music, bonded by its contemplative, enveloping nature. Open Space bands together an array of fascinatingly skilled producers, finally given the opportunity to present some of their most creative and emotional material yet to date.


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# Track Title

A1. Kirilik – The Beginning Of Everything


A2. John Beltran – The Morning Moves The Sun


B1. Sebastian Mullaert – In The Mist We Appeared


B2. Jakojako – Deine Augen


C1. The 7Th Plain – For Cocteaux And Budd


C2. Len Faki – Find Your Way


D1. The Persuader – Remembering Water Pearls


D2. Ralf Hildenbeutel – April


E1. Moritz Von Oswald – Silence


E2. Kangding Ray – Treize


F1. Tin Man – Lovely Acid


F2. Antigone – Indiana Police

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