Thank U 4 Letting Me Live My Life (B.G.F.D.F.R)

Title Thank U 4 Letting Me Live My Life (B.G.F.D.F.R)
Label | FETT404

DJ Fett Burger’s first solo album!
A nine track double album with the full circle of Fett man’s artistic styles to date. A deep personal trip into the different sounds that in recent years have been defining, and inspiring his productions and output. A musical story from beginning till the end. Always weird, never straight. A free flowing creative record with no compromise in mind, and never predictable. A genre spanning experiment within the strict frame of Fett man’s aesthetics. Deep, personal and wonky, with a psychedelic and emotional touch!
Sound wise, always looking back to move forward!

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A1. IntroA2. This Game. The WorldB1. 411 Esperanza (Vocal Dreem Mix)B2. In The MomentB3. XTC T.W.Y.H.T.SC1. Breathing GroundD1. When Oh Yeah! IntroD2. Atmospheree 2 Emo–tion (Subtle Future Mix)D3. Disco Fem


Nov, 2020

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