Cherry Drops

Artist : Label : | FEELYRHEAD Styles : , , Format : 12"

Cherry Drops is a collection of tracks written by Call Super. It was started around the time they were working on a larger project called Tell Me I Didn’t Choose This, that reflected on a period in their life of upheaval, trauma and self-discovery. That project is bound up in a series of compositions for a self-made instrument called an Epi-Harp, clarinet, piano and percussion and a collection of paintings, two of which feature on the covers of the two releases that make up Cherry Drops. However the music on Cherry Drops became a release from that project, a distraction from painful reflections and recollections. It had to be music with a direct dancefloor connection because it was in thosespaces where Call Super found release through those pivotal periods in their life.


Nov, 2021


A1. Eye Flow Wide

Call Super


A2. bodiesinheaven I

Call Super


B. Cherry Drops

Call Super

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