Double Lune

Artist : Label : | FASTEN09 Styles : Format : 12"


For its nineth installment Fasten Musique welcomes mysterious French artist Monsieur Georget from Ultrastretch,Do Easy Records and the 2 remixes are served by 2 talented producers.One is the New York based phenomenon Kamran Sadeghi is known for his work with Son of Rose and with Soundwalk Collective and anther is italian artist Third_Child is a new project aimed to mix sounds micro-house and house music.All tracks are a representation of the artists personal take on finely crafted grooves and sound designed elements.Vinyl Only release.


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A1. Double Lune

Monsieur Georget


A2. Double Lune (Third_Child Boomer Mix)

Monsieur Georget


B1. Double Lune (Kamran Sadeghi Remix)

Monsieur Georget


B2. Hyper Georget

Monsieur Georget

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