For My Process

Title For My Process
Label | FAARATLP01

Two years on from their move to Berlin, British Brothers Alex & Digby return with a 10 track, triple LP album to their home imprint Flash As a Rat on the 19 June. The album is said to show the duos full commitment to sound and experimentation after being Written during a very personal time to them both. The Album title “For My Process” echoes this. Coming form a engineering background as well as being know for their modular Wizardry and band based upbringing, expect band Psychedelia with dance sensibility. RIP …

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A1. Cardio DubA2. HospitalB. PFCC. ReferendumD. Limbic MimicD2. Space MonkeyE. ELME2. TwistedF. TelevertF2. Adriadne


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