Planet Discovery

Artist : Label : | EXALT004 Styles : , Format : 12" colored vinyl


White Marbled Vinyl.

Exalt Records presents ‘Planet Discovery’. At just shy of 7 minutes, Gabriel seems to have summoned all the power and knowhow of his genius: shot through this utterly infectious, broody yet soul stirring slow-tempo groove. With a nod to the founding sounds of early UK electronica, he underpins layer upon layer of synthesized elements that fizz with photonic precision to the pulse of an off-beat drum machine. Each part holds its space in micro-orbit; haunting melodics etch out intertwining paths that finds their crescendo in perfect harmony. A joyful electronic symphony that strikes the kind of universal balance that is all too often sought but rarely achieved.

With it being 20 years since Matthew Puffett aka Future Beat Alliance released his Abaco 12” EP on Ferox, it seemed fitting to have him take up remix duties on the B-side of this release. Stripping back Gabriel’s original but keeping the tempo slow, he reshapes the essentials and focuses the energy on a powerful bassline, precision beat and soaring synthesis that carries as much mystique as it does raw power. Almost as if Moroder and Baldelli got stuck in an elevator and discovered a new dimension in a cosmos far far away.


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# Track Title

A. Planet Discovery


B. Planet Discovery (Reshaped and rearranged by Future Beat Alliance)

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