Split 02

Title Split 02
Label | ESHU014

The tight knit groove specialists ESHU return with another excellent split EP featuring core members Jocelyn Abell and Ivano Tetelepta. They take one track each and collaborate on one other and again they lock you into their excellent drums from start to finish. First up the Dutch pair work together on Bury The Chains, a super deep and smoky dub cut that is cavernous, mystical and all consuming. The drums are buried way down below the surface as distant pads bring a feeling of automatic and icy hi hats ride up and own the mix. Abell then offers 1949 – 1952, a driven bit of spaced out techno that glides on rubbery drum programming and is fleshed out with gorgeous swirling pads. Last of all, It Was Not A Choice is a quick and slick deep techno affair with deft synths and wet hits all sinking you into the journeying groove. These are three devastatingly effective and atmospheric tracks of heady techno.

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A. Ivano Tetelepta & Jocelyn Abell – Bury The ChainsB1. Jocelyn – 1949–1952B2. Tetelepta – It Was Not A Choice


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