Prolongez La Magie

TITLE Prolongez La Magie
LABEL Eternal Ocean | EO/V001
STYLES Breaks | Techno
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A1. Internal RevelationA2. Tracheal ImpulseB1. Surface DiveB2. Cellular Matrix


For his debut release, Ronan delivers ‘Prolongez La Magie’, a 4 track EP that explores both the cerebral and somatic sectors of modern dance music. Touching on his influences as a classically trained instrumentalist and jazz improviser he uses the forms of club music to create sonic environments that envelop the listener with layers of narrative depth and idiosyncratic character. From the whipcrack bass pressure of ‘Internal Revelation’ and the broken beat trance of ‘Surface Dive’ to the aqueous and narcotic take on UK techno found in ‘Cellular Matrix’ and ‘Tracheal Impulse’ he finds himself in a singular space, setting up a strong and unique foundation from where there’s no telling what he’ll come up with next.

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