Artist : , Label : | EMEGO253 Styles : , , Format : 12"


Editions Mego is proud to present the first outing from the legendaryEnglish musician, songwriter, composer and producer Simon FisherTurner alongside the highly acclaimed emerging Swedish sound artist KlaraLewis.
Care is a unique outing rife with delicious dichotomy. The openingtrack positions the aggressive directly against more fragile moments.On the subsequent track medieval melodies sprout from a dense rhythmichiss. Witness a Middle Eastern song appearing amongst a hauntedrattling reverb in the epic ‘Tank’ whilst a beautiful force of hope can befound within the sound world of the the closing track ‘Mend’.
The wide scope of references and constant pull of forces make thisdebut offering a timeless patchwork of sonic spaces. Care is an albumwhich sways in such a salubrious manner one can’t help but delight inits unique form of location/disorientation.


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A1. 8

Klara Lewis, Simon Fisher Turner


A2. Drone

Klara Lewis, Simon Fisher Turner


B1. Tank

Klara Lewis, Simon Fisher Turner


B2. Mend

Klara Lewis, Simon Fisher Turner