Title Autotransfromación
Label | ELMIL03

Moustache-sporting producer Fede Lijtmaer – widely regarded as one of Uruguay’s leading house and techno producers – has been surprisingly quiet since the release of his debut single on Oslo back in 2014. Clearly, he’s been working hard in the three years that have passed since, because Autotransformacion is really rather good. For the most part, the Uruguayan blends sounds, melodies and rhythmic ticks borrowed from early British tech-house (when Detroit was the inspiration, rather than Berlin), occasionally throwing in a reference to classic ambient house (the Terrence McKenna-sampling “TM on DMT”) or deep house (“True Self”). The exception to the rule is the brilliant “Polaridades”, a thrillingly fuzzy and bass-heavy chunk of late night electro smothered in ragged acid lines and spacey electronics.

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A1. PolaridadesA2. T.M On D.M.TB1. True SelfB2. Todos Nos Merecemos El Sol


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