Blood Moon

Title Blood Moon
Label | EES036
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Especial welcomes Kim Ann Foxman to debut on the label with an ode to the power of the moon. The sample heavy, acid vocal cuts no slack and shows Foxman confidently developing as a producer and is backed with a stellar set of remixes from Roza Terenzi, Dawl & Sween and Violet. Revered by many as an on point clubber, dancer, singer, DJ and producer, her breakthrough in Hercules & Love Affair was a start, soon carving out her place as a solo artist and global DJ, while fitting in time to run the Firehouse – recently featuring Richard Sen and Kasra V – and SELF-TIMER labels – home to new project, Pleasure Planet. As veteran of the San Francisco 90s heyday, slipping breaks around a 4/4 kick is a blast of past meets acid future, as 303 meets M1, while Foxman’s lyrics – written during the Blood Moon over London – extols the power of the tides, nature’s internal and external flow. The remixes are a manner of breaks-heaven, as Roza Terenzi rips a steppas dub, Tone Dropout’s Dawl and Sween master a latter day M25 anthem, before finally Violet, edits, strips, builds and takes things deep. Make me lust, make me bleed.

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A1. Blood MoonA2. Blood Moon (Roza Terenzi's Eclipse Mix)B1. Blood Moon (Dawl & Sween's Tone Drop Out Remix)B2. Blood Moon (Violet Remix)


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