Title Inside
Label | EE15

Debut for the 22 year old, talented Georgian artist Nicole Popkhadze, Batumi born but Tbilisi based and already referred to as one of the leading Dj & Producers from the vibrant Georgian club Scene. Nicole holds a residency at the legendary club Cafe-Gallery and despite her very young age she has cultivated her very own personal approach to Djing and quickly gained a strong reputation for her energetic and emotive sets. Energy and emotions are also the driving force behind her first official release, which consists of 4 tracks (although they should be regarded more as songs other than tracks) that subtly and masterfully blend Detroit and IDM elements in a very modern way, but without deviating into the classic oldschool nostalgia and resulting in a sound that is extremely deep, personal, modern and mature.

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A1. InsideA2. Save MeB1. SnowB2. Look Up



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