Multiverse / Turbofutúr

ARTIST(S) Telephones
TITLE Multiverse / Turbofutúr
LABEL European Carryall | EC03
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A. Multiverse (Pacific Mix)B. Turbofutúr (Atlantic Mix)


Hot on the heels of his archival-launch of European Carryall, Telephones delivers a brand new (or is it really?) heavy double A-side club 12″. Kicking off with “Multiverse (Pacific Mix)”, an energetic basement-flux of UK garage, detroit techno and balearic blessed with live zither-recordings and stardust-sprinkles by fellow countrywoman A’KARI – ensuring the zen of your late-nite spaceout. Flip wax for the the prime-time house-stomper “Turbofutúr (Atlantic Mix)”, nodding it’s head to the mid-90s footprint left by DJ Duke, Power Music and Strictly Rhythm.. albeit with an unmistakably Norwegian euphoric disco-fling lurking beeeehind the groove. Another essential for the true heads!

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