The First Dive

Artist : Label : | DW01 Styles : , , Format : 12"

New imprint Distant Waters, from Nantes, France is an ode to high seas, far away oceanic lands and unknown marine wildlife. Co-founder of the label, Sans Sucre, who released previously on Antam records and Planet Tapes offer this first EP from Distant Waters.
The A1 of this four-track EP, Tetrodoxin, is the starting point of the aquatic story, with whales samples and aquatic groove, it fit perfectly to warm up a wet dancefloor. A2, Aqualung is inspired by asian groove, with some tastes of Yellow Magic Orchestra matching with 303 elements. The B-side follows up with Sequential Hermaphrodism, A downbeat track with an heavy hip hop inspired bassline. Then it finish with Ampullae Of Lorenzini, the most dancefloor oriented track of the EP, with a mysterious sweet voice.


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A1. Tetrodoxin

Sans Sucre


A2. Aqualung

Sans Sucre


B1. Sequential Hermaphrodism

Sans Sucre


B2. Ampullae Of Lorenzini

Sans Sucre

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