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Ok! HeRE wE HaVe SOMetHiNg nEw. SOmEThiNg NeW FrOM SoMetHiNG nEw. MuSiC ThaTS HeRE nOw. HoUSe/tEcHNo/SoMEtHiNg ElSe . Fully formed in MONTREAL. Designed for parties and the people who play them. Parties that take place at any time of day. Parties that have partygoers who began their evening 14 hours ago or 20 minutes ago. With music, music with sci-fi, horror and JOY. With people, people scraped from the edges. People who are exhausted. Who need somewhere. And, who are confused and looking for beauty. Who need beauty. Who need to witness things. Who, what you find in the camaraderie when you work in the bottom of a coal mine. What you find before you jump out of a plane. What you find in love, or after two years of being in love, or after four years of being in love. It’s different. This is a record made from real life. It’s hard.

‘Extremely inventive EP all around… puts a smile on u while also keeping u near tears at its beauty… amazing.’ – DJ Python

‘Sometimes you just know… less televised deejays and more ooze! trip to this.’ – PLO Man

‘Killer conscious, brave and curious tunes that don’t rely on a formula or what anyone else is doing – you can hear and feel what they make that resembles their connection as friends, partners and family.’ – Bake

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