Enchanted Attack (Akufen Remix)

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Title Enchanted Attack (Akufen Remix)
Label | DM002Z

After the first release by Ark which had a really big support , Drumble Music come back with a new release made by Olivier Romero & Abé , with an original track very hypnotic an melodic . A Dubbyloop version is alsoon the A side who have a special trick only on the vinyl .On the B side , we welcome Akufen who made a special remix with a jazzy swing pattern and micro cuts that represent his own style .

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A1. Olivier Romero & Abé – Enchanted Attack ( Original Mix )A2. Olivier Romero & Abé – Enchanted Attack (Dubbyloop Mix)B. Olivier Romero & Abé – Enchanted Attack (Akufen Remix)



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