Title Sis-Boom-Bah!
Label | DKMNTL052

Gal (Juju) and Jordan (Jordash) return home to the Dekmantel stable for their fourth LP. It's their most complete record to date. A series of purpose-written compositions, that highlight their maturity as musicians, and adept dexterity in the studio.

Without the pairing of Juju & Jordash, there would be no Dekmantel. The duo are an integral part of the label's history, dating back to 2009 when they where they were the first act to release on the imprint. The two vagabonds can often be found performing live at various outdoor festivals and renowned clubs around the globe, jamming away behind a tabletop of buttons, knobs, synths, and drum machines – like a retro, control-station from Star Trek – albeit one that hums along with the jazz-centric, discordant house, and techno whirrings played by the musicians.

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A1. HerkieA2. Rah–RahB1. Back Tuck Basket TossB2. DeadmanC1. Paper DollsC2. Hanging PyramidC3. L–MotionD1. Attack The CrowdD2. One Armed Liberty


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