Just A Clown On Crack

Title Just A Clown On Crack
Label | DKMNTL036

Danny ‘Legowelt’ Wolfers describes the music he makes under the Occult Orientated Crime alias as “an accumulation of 20 years of musical research and training, and what affect it has on the brain”. Read into that what you will; in practice, his OOC output allows Wolfers to explore the more deep and cosmic end of the ambient spectrum, with sly nods towards jazz and movie soundtracks amongst the Motor City synthesizers, buried spoken word vocals and intergalactic chord progressions. The fantastically titled Just A Clown On Crack is the first OOC release to make it to wax, and effortlessly recalls the early ’90s glory days of ambient house and intelligent techno, whilst still retaining many of Wolfers’ stylistic trademarks.

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A1. Bridge Over A Golden DuckpondA2. Japanese TrainsA3. Telepatic ConsultationB1. Blue–AustralB2. Central Coast DrifterB3. Just A Clown On Crack


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