The Eye

Artist(s): Label: | DGS002 Style: , Format: 12"


Det Gode Selskab continue their intensive exploration of the senses in the sophomore offering from the DJ collective turned label. The Eye is the latest ocular contribution in the ongoing series, coming via the Oslo-based collective’s co-creator Tod Louie. The second physical release from the dynamic young label substantiates their dominance on Oslo’s DJ scene as it ripples through the rest of the world in well-travelled record bags as the selskab expands into European territory.

Since 2011 Det Gode Selskab have been an unstoppable force on the Oslo DJ circuit. A DJ collective, a weekly residency, a party series, a festival and now a label, Det Gode Selskab tick all the boxes. Their parties are legendary and at their weekly residency they command the floor, as they imbibe the spirit of the “selskab” in every aspect of the night in the music they play, the DJs they invite, and the crowd on the floor.

As one of the founders of the collective, Tod Louie has been a driving force behind the Det Gode Selskab on the prowess of his skills in the booth and his ability to read his crowd. Whether playing the weekly Det Gode Selskab residency at Jaeger or playing for Oslo’s alternative queer crowd at Everysome, his keen ear, effervescent selections and instinctive control over the dance floor puts him a cut above the rest on the Oslo DJ circuit.

The Eye is his second foray into the producer’s chair from the collaborative remix effort on DGS001 for A:G’s The Nose. Tod Louie takes the helm on DGS002 with a deep burning Tech track on the A-side. Bubbling synthetic textures, deep, rolling bass lines and sharp stabs at wispy keys come together in a progresisve cut channeled directly to the dance floor. It will take any club and DJ set in to peak time, but with a very esoteric, at times quirky take on Techno, Tod Louie infuses a degree of fun in this very serious musical form.

Solaris, and Miike Shannon offer two very different interpretations on the B-side. Det Gode Selskab co-founder Solaris channels all the energy of the track into ether, where brooding pads weave their way through lysergic acid movements and a more demanding percussive workout from the original.

Mike Shannon takes yet another different approach to the original and works from the buoyant bass line up where the track plays on the more amenable aspects of House. Turning his focus from the progression to the sonic qualities, Shannon directs all his efforts towards the sound system and its role on the dance floor. Whipping the dance floor into a frenzy, Shannon emphasis those playful interludes on the Tod Louie original as a bubbly bassline, syncopated hats and a flurry of random textures cascade across the surface of the track.

Trough Tod Louie’s original deep scorcher, Mike’s upbeat sizzler, and Solaris’ brooding demagogue, The Eye gives us three different perspectives from the DJ booth and sets its sights cleary on this upcoming summer season.


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