She’s Lost (Remix Glenn Underground)

Title She’s Lost (Remix Glenn Underground)
Label | DESET03

Following the immense ‘Mandela Move EP’ from Ricardo Villalobos, Italy’s Deset returns for another brilliant musical adventure geared for the more discerning dancefloors worldwide. For release number three, label boss Caruan has teamed up with the Polish born Berliner part of
Deset crew Oscar Szafraniec for a sun-soaked collaboration featuring three brand new cuts and a stellar remix from the legendary Chicago house music hero, Glenn Underground. The project is a result of a close friendship between the producers, completely free of ego and rather a focus on pursuing the artistic side of musical expression and compositions which break expectations.
A1 track ‘She’s Lost’ is bursting with emotionally charged melodies and a crisp, punchy rhythm structure to keep the feet moving. The stunning use of intense synths and vocals at the second half offer a perfect balance between machine music and human vulnerability, a duality between hope and loss – a blissful sound the duo clearly capture here.
A2 comes in the form of ‘Voices In My Head,’ a masterful piece of music heavily focused on live instrumentalism and soul infused synthesizer leads. Again, the vocals make a welcome return with slightly off-kilter melodies resting perfectly with the rest of the track. A welcome change of pace for the usual expected dance cuts, a perfect song for connected moments late at night.
B1’s ‘Blue Sunset’ dives directly back to the dancefloor with the clear ‘club banger’ for the EP. Jackin’ rhythms and short sharp key stabs give this a truly Chicago meets Berlin vibe while the use of hi-hats in select places boosts the energy to a boiling point. Atmospheric, energetic and a perfect weapon for the prime time.
B2 rounds out the release with an outstanding Glenn Underground rework of ‘She’s Lost,’ which is saturated with that brilliant deep house soul which only GU can capture. Remixed under his ‘CVO’ alias, Glenn focuses his directive towards that late night blissed out feeling, masterfully playing the keys and adding layer upon layer of texture with each passing moment. Perfect.

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A1. She's LostA2. Voices In My HeadB1. Blue SunsetB2. She's Lost By GU AKA CVO Lost & Found Mix


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