Desert Sky

Title Desert Sky
Label | desertsky003

Gilles Aiken launched the Desert Sky project back in 2012, seemingly as an alternative outlet for work that he didn’t think fit into his better-known work as Edward. Gaia is his first full-length outing under the alias, and draws inspiration from the natural world around us. Certainly, there’s an organic feel to proceedings, despite the sparse, minimal techno drum patterns underpinning many of the tracks. This is achieved, in part, by Aiken’s willingness to utilise non-electronic instrumentation (including flutes and Jew’s harp) as well as electronics. It’s a fusion that works, ensuring a loose and attractive sound and a desire to offer up pieces that are variously creepy, becalmed, unsettling and quietly picturesque.

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A1. IntroA2. Paul AthmoA3. Paul Athmo ThirdB1. PaleB2. SkitC1. SyraxD1. But I Like To Say


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