Artist(s): Label: | DDS03 Style: , , , Format: 12"


Now in comes the third release from label dds. This time from well-known Paris face, Dyed Soundorom. The Lisbon-based Frenchman delivers two fresh cuts, named after infamous eighties cartoon Thundercats (Cosmocats in France), showcasing his typically reductive, groovy style…

On side A we have ‘Cosmocats’, a quirky cut characterised by its rubbery bass and esoteric aesthetics. Dyed takes us into a mysteryland full of strange murmurs and warped voices buried deep in the arrangement, along with funky basslines and an ‘eyes down’ vibe. Heads to the floor for this one, as the groove rolls out neatly with a switch up in the second half after the short breakdown.

Flip the record over and we have ‘Life In Thundera’, which feels like an intrepid mission to the planet occupied by those iconic cartoon characters. Jaunty effects pepper the cut, sparring with the sultry groove of the low end. Buzzing effects fly around the top end like alien insects, as Dyed cultivates an atmosphere that channels retro techno tropes through a 21st Century filter.

The Apollonia member is on top form with this must-have new release… Grab it while it’s hot.


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