It’s Good To Be Differ-Ent

Title It’s Good To Be Differ-Ent
Label | DBALP002
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DJ Bone is Differ-Ent.
But then again, he always has been. A pioneer DJ and producer hailing from Detroit, whose technical skills are perhaps only equalled by the upper echelons of the city’s most advanced techno trailblazers, he’s nonetheless forged a path only of his own. Eschewing commercial expectations, scene pressures and anything other than his own exquisite taste, Bone has earned a vital, dedicated audience while remaining comfortably and individually underground.

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A1. Inhabit TenseA2. Marvel LessB1. Met Allergic Flew AntsyB2. Compute HerC1. Drum AddictC2. We Have U SurroundedD1. Motive Hate ShunD2. Fasten 8 ShunE1. Gem In Eyes (Featuring DJ Bone)E2. A Calm BlissF1. Laser EyesF2. I.M. Differ–Ent


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