Label: | DAILYCID011 Style: , , , Format: 12" Features: Mint

DJ W!LD’s Dailycid imprint yet again proving their versatility here with a fantastic array of sounds from various artists including Hanfry Martinez & Carlos Sanchez, Chklte, Sakro and Beresi. The eleventh release proving to be as essential as the back catalogue that lay before it.

Straight in at the deep end as opener ‘Sonido Sarita’ comes sidewinding in. The outcome of a collaboration between Hanfry Martinez & Carlos Sanchez, surfing the bass line waves as this one gives a solid nod towards garage. Creative energy from the duo joining the welcomed resurgence of this genre. Taking it down a notch is US producer Chklte, hot off the heels of his debut vinyl release on Moonfruit Records the talented producer provides a stripped back, deeper vibe with his ‘Continuum Transfunctioner’ track. A gripping journey for the listener.

On the B side is Mexican artist, Sakro with UFO, as expected killer drum work and an urgent bass arrangement which has become synonymous with his sound in recent years. Sure to be a winner this summer. Rounding off Dailycid011 is an atmospheric trip with Beresi, a dark mood through out with a specific after party feel. Trippy samples float in and out of the laid back structure

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