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Label: | CRIME004 Style: , Format: 12"

We spent lot of time in a thorough search, looking for gems among our friends producers from all corners of Ukraine. As a result, we got a universal record that can satisfy the tastes and needs of many. First track from A-side made by Victor B, a talented producer from Odesa, whose live performances can often be heard in the walls of the Odesa club PORT. Side continues by the work of Closer resident from Kyiv – O ‘Fourty Four aka Pahatam. This man has more than ten years of musical experience behind him and knows how to capture the listener’s attention, which he skillfully demonstrates in his work. B-side begins with the track of the already well-known musician from Kharkiv, co-founder of the Trance Pandemic label — Kurilo. The track has absorbed all the best technical and stylistic methods of its author. Our friend from Zaporizhzhia Brooht completes the record. A lyrical and slightly dreamy composition that balances so well with dynamic and dance-provoking bangers.


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